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    Knowledge & Experience
    International Design House Ltd. in Hong Kong (IDH) was founded by dane Tavs Jensen Vagnby in 2005 as a spin-off of Alta Line, his company in Copenhagen, Denmark. Whereas Alta Line was the market leader in high end packaging
    solutions for more than 20 years, creating award winning designs, IDH has taken a step further to provide complete product solutions including product design and development, production, packaging and branding. With the entire team dedicated to high quality and great design, we have focused our attention on applied art design and the whole production process that follows.

    The design team consists of several Scandinavian industrial and graphic
    designers working closely together to create absolute solutions for our clients. Our two head industrial designers are Marcus Vagnby and Karina Mencke in Copenhagen. Main graphic designer is Gitte Johansen in Hong Kong.

    Marcus descends from a long line of creative minds, and has with his 28 years already established a big name for himself, winning various design awards and with several of his designs shown in the permanent exhibit at the New York Museum of Modern Art. He is the design force behind brands such as Nuance, Arosse, Strand and PEJ.

    Born in Germany, Karina is greatly influenced by Scandinavian design, and has reformed the professional coffee industry with her designs for Cafelat. Karina has a broad approach to design, and her projects range from eyewear and bar accessories over building site equipment to landscaping.

    Gitte, educated professional photographer in addition to many years of experience with graphic works, ensures the perfect balance between photos, graphics and products.

    Product development
    With applied arts, the highest achievement in product development is getting designers and manufacturers to meet and understand each other. Our in-depth experience will help you overcome the difficulties and bridges a smooth transition from idea to finished product. Taking control during development and closely working with the designers and manufacturers ensures that all items are thoroughly checked and tested for obvious and hidden flaws before starting mass production.

    We make sure that the production is running smoothly and that the product quality lives up to our standards by performing several checks throughout the process, including a 100% final inspection before shipment.

    In today’s market, packaging can make your product or brand name. We understand this better than anyone, and our more than 20 years of experience as a market leader in creating brands makes us your best choice as a partner. We have also helped turn struggling brands into consumer winners, and we continue to strive for our clients’ brands to be the best presented products available. Our graphic designers work hard to create a complete concept around your products. With our in-house photo studio, the design of your concept becomes a one-stop deal.

    Successfully, we have helped our clients penetrate existing markets with new brands, even in times where new brands would normally not be expected to get a foot in the door. We continue to develop new ideas, complete with name, product portfolio and marketing. For the easy entry with a limited investment, we offer a package of a few key products designed by our design team, supported by a range of open products modified to match the designer standards.